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Tips for aftercare

New piercing? Congrats!
Keep in mind that the aftercare of your piercing is as important as the piercing process itself. Here's a few tips:

First things first:

People used to say that you needed to twist a new piercing during the healing process. This is, however, the worst thing you can do to a new piercing: it irritates the wound, and your fingers will bring bacteria to the fresh piercing.

This is how it should be done:

Easypiercing products

Mixing your own seasalt solution is a good start. But since the solution isn’t sterile, and the measurements are frequently wrong, this isn’t the best solution.

A sterile saline solution is a much easier option: The Easypiercing saline solution (6 euro)  comes in a spray bottle, easy to use and carry along.

There is also a antibacterial solution, to disinfect (6 euro),  and a ph-neutral soap (6 euro), to clean your piercing.

If you want to be sure about a complete aftercare routing, you can buy all 3 product in an aftercare kit (15 euro), which includes a box of sterile swabs.

All products are available in the shop.

Mouth piercings: Easypiercing mouth wash

All mouth piercings (tongue, smiley, lip,…) should be kept clean by using a
mouth wash. This kills bacteria and keeps the wound clean.
Also available by Easypiercinig in the shop (6 euro)

(for lip piercing: the outside should still be treated with a saline solution)