Tips for aftercare

New piercing? Congrats!
Keep in mind that the aftercare of your piercing is as important as the piercing process itself. Here’s a few tips:

Healing time

There are indications of the healing times in optimal conditions. Don’t worry if it takes you longer, because it depends on personal healing time, aftercare, accident (dumping you piercing),…

Ear lobe: 4-8 weeks
Tongue: : 4-8 weeks
Septum: 4-8 weeks
Lip (side and lower): 6-8 weeks
Lip upper: 2-3 months
Eyebrow: 6-8 weeks
Dermal piercing: 2-3 months
Nostril: 3-4 months
Cartilage (ear): 3-9 months
Belly button: 6-9 months
Nipple: 6-9 months

First things first:

People used to say that you needed to twist a new piercing during the healing process. This is, however, the worst thing you can do to a new piercing: it irritates the wound, and your fingers will bring bacteria to the fresh piercing.

This is how it should be done:

Easypiercing products

Mixing your own seasalt solution is a good start. But since the solution isn’t sterile, and the measurements are frequently wrong, this isn’t the best solution.

A sterile saline solution is a much easier option: The Easypiercing saline solution (6 euro)  comes in a spray bottle, easy to use and carry along.

There is also a antibacterial solution, to disinfect (6 euro),  and a ph-neutral soap (6 euro), to clean your piercing.

If you want to be sure about a complete aftercare routing, you can buy all 3 product in an aftercare kit (15 euro), which includes a box of sterile swabs.

All products are available in the shop.

Mouth piercings: Easypiercing mouth wash

All mouth piercings (tongue, smiley, lip,…) should be kept clean by using a
mouth wash. This kills bacteria and keeps the wound clean.
Also available by Easypiercinig in the shop (6 euro)

(for lip piercing: the outside should still be treated with a saline solution)