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Tips for aftercare

Every piercing should heal on its own (if you keep it clean and don't touch it), but we would like to give some tips if the healing is slow or difficult.

Sea salt soaks

Sea salt is one of the most natural, effective and budget friendly ways to take care of your new piercing. And it's very easy to use:

Take 1 liter of water (distilled or boiled), and mix in 2 tablespoons of sea salt (don't use regular salt!). Keep it in a bottle, or better, mix it in a bottle, and you can use it for several days.


Treatment depends on what place you got pierced.
Best method is to take a glas, fill it with the solution, place it over your piercing (tight) and turn it around. This allows your piercing to be completely soaked. Do this about 5-minutes, twice a day. This works easy for nipple piercings, belly buttons, most dermals, ...

More difficult places for this method and be treated with paper towels. Take a paper towel, put the solution on it, and hold (press) it against and around your new piercing. Again for about 5 minutes, twice a day.
This method works best (or better) for ear piercings, ,nose piercings, lip piercings, eyebrow piercings,...

Piercings in your lip or mouth: use mouth wash

All piercings inside your mouth (tongue, smiley, lip piercings,...) should be treated with mouth wash. Rinse your mouth regularly with this. Especially after eating.
For lip piercings, stil apply sea salt soaks to the outside.

If you don't mind a bad taste, you can also rinse with the sea salt solution.

With tongue piercings: don't panic if your tongue turns white after getting pierced. This can happen due to a reaction of the bacteria in your mouth to the metal. The discolouring will disappear in a few days, if you follow the aftercare instructions.