You will find all info about piercings below.
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Getting pierced

For all piercings: a bar will heal faster then a ring. So the best thing is to always start with a bar, let it heal, and then change if for a ring (nose, ear)

In new piercings the bar will always be a little big: this makes sure there is room for swelling (which will happen after getting pierced). If the bar is to tight the piercing will simply not heal. After healing and if the swelling is gone, you can exchange if for a smaller, permanent bar (or ring).

Do’s and don’ts

Don’t touch your piercing too much (apart from cleaning) and don’t turn it. This will result in longer healing periods. Apart from this, your hands are full of bacteria, and can cause infections if you touch it often?

What you should do: Clean your piercing twice a day with a sea salt solution (you can buy an Easypiercing-spray in the shop). Keep the initial jewellery in as long as possible.
For lip and mouth piercing: rinse your mouth regularly with mouth wash (also available at the shop).

At Bronson all piercings are performed with surgical needles. We NEVER use a piercing gun, and here’s why:

1. The ‘gun’ itself  can never be fully sterilised due to plastic components. So there is always a higher chance of infection.

2. Getting a piercing with a gun is forcing the earring itself (which isn’t nearly as sharp as a needle) through your ear tissue. This can cause bad healing, and in cartilages even disformation you your ear (this is also the reason that piercing guns are forbidden to use for cartilage piercings in Belgium)

3. The jewelry being used does not leave room for swelling.