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New piercing, now what?

Read everything you have to do to take care of your new piercing.


Most important thing to do is to not go and play with your new piercing. Doing this will irritate the wound, and make the healing time longer. Plus your fingers are full of bacteria, so it’s best to keep them away from the new piercing.

Do not take long baths or go to the sauna in the first weeks after getting pierced. You have an open wound, which is an easy target for bacteria. Taking a shower is certainly ok, just rinse of your piercing afterwards, so no soap or shampoo remains around your piercing.

Don’t use any ointment, rubbing alcohol or other agressive products.
Piercing in your mouth (tongue, smiley and lip piercings) are best taken care of by rinsing with mouthwash once or twice a day.

All other piercings are best treated with seasalt soaks.


Every piercing will heal at its own speed, which also varies from person to person. You can see the healing times here. Normally you can just let your body heal the piercing and it will be just fine. But you can help speed up the healing process!

This is also a good method to use if your healed piercing starts to hurt again (after changing jewelery, being pulled by a hair brush,…).

Seasalt soaks

Sea salt or a saline solution is one of the most used, easiest en cheapest way to take care or your piercing. The warm soak improves blood flow and helps to remove waste and scabs in a non-aggressive manner.

What you need:
– (mineral) sea salt (don’t use regular kitchen salt!)
– clean water
– glass (250ml)

1: Prepare the solution
Boil the water (more than just the 250ml) and rinse your glass with it to make sure it is 100% clean. Be carefull not to burn yourself!

Fill the glass with water and add 1/4 to 1/2 tea spoon of salt until it dissolves.

2: Use

Make sure to let the glass cool down for a bit before you use it! As soon as the temperature feels comfortable, it is ok to use. Depending on which piercing or place you want to heal, there are different ways:

Nipple, belly button, dermal anchor: Put the glass over the piercing, push a bit to create a kind of vacuum, turn around an let it soak for about 5 minutes.

For other piercings, for which you can’t use the glass method, you take a sterile mesh or a piece of paper towel, soak this in the solution and hold it against and around your piercing for about 5 minutes.
Or fill the glass, put it on a table and ‘hang’ your ear/nose/lip/… in the glass.

4: Rinse

Seasalt will not dry out your skin (if using the correct measurements), but you should quickly rinse afterwards. Dried up seasalt soak might leave some white traces.

Do all this once or twice a day. As soon as the piercing starts to feel less tender of is less swollen, you can do it every other day, once week, until no longer necessary.

Don’t feel like going through this process every day?
Take a big bottle of water and add some sea salt (about 1 tea spoon per liter). Shake this until it dissolves. You can use this bottle to fill a glass every day, and heat it up in de microwave (carefull not to make it to warm!).