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Piercing with our without appointment

During opening hours, you can just walk in to get pierced. If you want to be sure that you don’t have to wait to long, you can book via www.bronsontattoo.setmore.com . On this page you can also see all piercings and piercing prices.

Included in this price: Het piercing process itself and the initial jewelry (titanium or surgical steel).

With most piercings you will have to start with a piercing that is too long. During the healing process, the place where you got pierced can swell a bit, so it is important to give the jewelery some space.

As soon as the swelling goes down, you can come back to replace it with a fitting piercing.

Healing time

The time it takes for a piercing to completely heal, depends on the place:

Earlobe: 4 tot 8 weken
Ear, cartilage: 3 tot 9 maanden
Eyebrow: 6 tot 8 weken
Nostril: 2 tot 4 maanden
Septum: 4 tot 8 weken
Smiley: 4 tot 8 weken
Lip: 2 tot 4 maanden
Tongue: 4 tot 8 weken
Belly button: 6 tot 9 maanden
Nipple: 6 tot 9 maanden
Dermal Anchor: 8 tot 10 weken