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How to I take care of my tattoo?

Read all info below about aftercare

Sorry Mom

The brand of aftercare solutions at Bronson is Sorry Mom. After comparing different brands, this brand came out best. This Danish company works together with tattoo artist worldwide, with Make Chambers as co-creator, to deliver optimal tattoo aftercare products. All products are 100% cruelty free, and are NEVER tested on animals!

Dag 1-3

When you’re tattoo is read, we’ll put a foil around it.
It will be either a temporary foil, that twill have to be removed 1 or 2 hours later.
Or a 'Second skin' which you can leave on for 24 hours.

After you remove this foil: clean your tattoo with clear water (no soap, or ph-neutral soap with no parfum). Make sure to clean all wound fluids, blood and ink residue. Once the tattoo is clean and dry, put on a new (thin) layer of tattoo balm.

After this you can choose to either keep using (regular kitchen) foil for the next 2-3 days (if you find it irritating when you clothes rub against it, or if you work in a dusty environment for example). Try to leaf the tattoo open at least a couple of hours per day to let it ‘breathe’. After 3 days, stop using the foil, to prevent slow skin regeneration.

Or you can use a new sheet of 'second skin' which then can be left on for 3 to 4 days.

Week 2-4

After about a week your tattoo can start to itch and shed. This is completely normal! Don’t scratch the tattoo or try to peel of lose pieces of skin. Chances are this will damage your tattoo

At this point keep cleaning your tattoo regularly with clean water, and make sure to but balm on it whenever it starts to feel a little dry.